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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Beautiful Afternoon Sun Coming Through the Hilton Head Island Trees

Hilton Head Island is a picture right out of the Old Southern Plantation era, the trees with the Spanish Moss hanging from them with the sun shining through the trees makes for a peaceful and relaxing image.  The place is wonderful with all of the beaches and foliage covering the island.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hilton Head Distillery Grand Opening Continues Today

Stripping Still
   I got to go through the distillery before the festivities began, seeing the high quality equipment and how well thought out the plant was I expect fine quality rum and vodka will be coming out of this facility.  They were in the last minute rush to get bottles of their espresso flavored rum bottled and ready the entire place for the opening.  This is a very impressive craft distillery, it has all of the right stuff, plus a fine group of experienced people there to run the plant.

Stripping and Finishing Stills
     Jillian Stephens, the business manager of the operation very
gracefully escorted me through the plant and the retail portion of the operation. This was very interesting and provided several incites to how they are planning to produce the rum and vodka.

Temporary Bottling Line
     Later in the day the plant went into operation finishing their espresso flavored rum bottled in time for the Grand Opening this afternoon.  The entire staff got involved in the bottling and stocking the tasting room and the retail area to them right up to "show time".  Meanwhile, the still crew was finishing up the stripping still, putting the connecting neck from the pot still to the stripping tower.  This is the first step of the distilling process, followed by the 45 plate finishing still and vodka towers.  The facility is very well laid out and looks like it runs very efficiently, and when the automatic bottling equipment finally arrives they will be able to turn out finished bottles of rum and vodka very rapidly.  The temporary hand bottling machine is a bit slow when they get into full production.

     When they get into full production a portion of their rum will be placed in Port Wine Casks for aging.   They already have a good supply of these barrels in the ready for this to happen in the very near future.  A port finished expression is a really good and flavorful finish for good rum.
Fermentation Tanks

Hilton Head Distillery Expressions
     I really enjoyed the visit to the Hilton Head Distillery and
visiting with the wonderful and very cordial staff.  Thanks for a really great visit and look forward to visiting again some day and seeing your rums and vodkas in the stores and bars soon.

Tasting Room and Retail Area

Friday, September 23, 2016

Why are People Quitting the Jobs They Love?

     I ran across an interesting article in Inc. Magazine that addressed this issue in a very succinct manner.  The discussed the seven issues that most like will cause good employees to leave their jobs. "
To win at being the best company, you must first win over your best employees".    The biggest issues are the same every where you look, from the small companies to the largest corporations.

1. Stagnation: There is an old joke about the "Peter Principle", where you promote people to their level of incompetence and leave them there.  Stagnation kills all drive and employees loose interest.
2. Overwork:  Expecting employees to do their work and cover for either the lack of people or the laziness of others is a serious reason for people to become frustrated.
3. Vague Visions:  A lack of feeling like your work is contributing to a goal or making them feel like what they are doing really means something is essential.
4. Profits Over People:  Being more concerned with the bottom line in an area where people are really putting out to make things work will cause these good people to loos interest and not be as interested in putting in the extra effort.  Find out what the real cause of the problem and be willing to fix it. 
5. Lack of Recognition:  When you have people that really put out for you, let them know that you appreciate them.  A "Thank You" goes a long way.
6. Lack of Trust:  Nothing drives competent people away faster than the feeling that they are not trusted.  Keep watching every move they make and your producers will be gone, especially the honest ones.
7. Excessive Hierarchy:  When You have a structure where any idea has to pass through excessive layers of people for something to happen, you have a problem.  Creativity and new ideas come from a variety of places and if the people that can make the changes don't hear about them, you are going to have the producers going to a place where they will be heard.
     Most people quit their job leave because of the boss, not the work or the organization.   Ask yourself what you may be doing to drive your best people away, and start making the necessary changes to keep them.  The article is very enlightening and you might want to give it a good read.  If your employees picture you as though you have that deer in the headlights look when they talk to you they will soon be gone.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Controlled Drinking is Harder Than Quitting Completely

People looking to give up alcohol are said to be more likely to succeed if they go cold turkey rather than if they cut down gradually.
     Research carried out by the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, found that people with a dependency on alcohol were less successful in reaching sobriety when they were under the supervision of a care provider that worked in controlled consumption.   Care providers in Sweden are split on the problem, with half believing that a gradual reduction of a person’s alcohol intake is the way forward, while others believe that stopping completely holds the best results.   However, previous studies have shown that the key element in the treatment process is that patients and care providers share the same view and that the treatment method plays a subordinate role, though how great an influence the choice of method has had on the final treatment result has not yet been looked into.
     The study followed 201 adult patients for two-and-a-half years after their treatment began and showed that a shared view between patient and care provider was not decisive for the treatment outcome.   However, Associate Professor Kristina Berglund, who studies dependence at the Department of Psychology, said “patients whose goal was total abstinence were more successful than those who had chosen to control their drinking.”   Some 90% of patients agreed with their care provider that total abstinence were still sober during the follow up, where only 50% who were in agreement with their care provider on controlled consumption were still sober.
“It is easy to believe that the patient and care provider having a common goal is the most important factor in achieving good treatment outcomes, but it is not that simple. Our study shows that, regardless of agreement on goals and methods, in the end it is more difficult to stick to controlled drinking than to give it up entirely,” Berglund said.
You can see the whole story at

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The United States Does Not Need the Surgeon General to Drop us Back Into Prohibition Again

It seems to me that the U.S. Surgeon General is “throwing out the baby with the bath water” in his effort to solve the problems of chronic and abusive drinkers.
      I have to join the leaders of the alcoholic beverage producers, distributors, and consumers that feel that they need to work on the problem and not attempt to move us back toward January 16, 1920 and start another attempt at Prohibition.      Leaders like Robert Koch, who is president of California’s Wine Institute, and Kraig Naasz, who heads up the Distilled Spirits Council, have signed a letter addressed to the US Surgeon General, Vice Admiral Murthy urging him to “reject calls for the inclusion of unproven, population-based policy recommendations aimed at consumers in general rather than abusive drinkers.”
The letter asks the Surgeon General “to consider offering the public an opportunity to comment on the report prior to its final release.”   It also states, “Recommendations that penalize responsible consumers of alcohol have no place in a report of this nature.”   The September issue of The Weekly Standard, Kevin Kosar observes that “neo-prohibitionist anxiety has begun to spread” from the UK to the US, helped by “alarmist” reporting by US newspapers such as The Washington Post.
He observes the march of the “no alcohol is safe” argument, but points out that this “ignores the fact that just about everything – even activities with obvious and abundant benefits – carries a risk or cost.”   Indeed, he writes, “Responsible drinkers are not drags on society.  On the contrary, drinkers tend to earn more than teetotalers and are twice as likely to exercise.”
The letter from the US trade associations to the Surgeon:
Dear Vice Admiral Murthy,
As the national trade associations representing producers and importers of beer, wine and distilled spirits products sold in the United States, we are writing regarding your upcoming report on the health effects of drugs, illicit or otherwise, as well as alcohol misuse. While the overwhelming majority of Americans consume alcohol lawfully and responsibly, we welcome your efforts to destigmatize treatment and recovery for those for whom alcohol consumption is a concern.
We appreciate your care in ensuring that you base any conclusions and recommendations on widely-accepted evidence endorsed by the scientific community with expertise in prevention and treatment. You have great resources in NIAAA and SAMHSA, which lead this country’s research efforts on evidence-based ways to prevent and treat alcohol abuse. We hope you will look to those agencies for meaningful guidance and reject calls for the inclusion of unproven population-based policy recommendations aimed at consumers in general rather than abusivedrinkers. Recommendations that penalize responsible consumers of alcohol have no place in a report of this nature.
We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to convey our concerns in greater detail and discuss the state of the science in this regard. We also urge you to consider offering the public an opportunity to comment on the report prior to its final
release. This will help ensure that the report provides targeted guidance to the American people that will be both helpful in terms of encouraging treatment and recovery and well-respected in terms of its scientific underpinnings.

Sincerely yours,


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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cocktail Possibilities with Oloroso Finished Rum

     Oloroso Sherry barrel finished rum from my friends at Cayman Spirits Company is the basis for this very interesting herbal cocktail.   There’s a lot of interest these days in making cocktails with Sherry in them.   Just for your information, Abuelo has released Abuelo XV Oloroso Finished Rum, currently available here in the states.  This is an idea that I had after sipping the new Oloroso finished Seven Fathoms Rum recently.  The rich fruity flavors of the Oloroso finished rum blends well with the herbal notes of the Amaro.  A little bit of sweetening with the thyme syrup really sets it off.  The herbal notes are especially noted in the lingering finish.

Fruit and Herb Cocktail

  • 2 ½ oz. Oloroso Barrel Finished Rum
  • ¾ oz. Amaro de Toscana
  • ½ oz. Thyme Syrup
  • ½ oz. Lemon Juice
  • 2 dashes Fee Brothers Old Fashion Bitters.

Place all ingredients into a shaker filled with ice, shake until chilled.  Strain into a Collins glass filled with ice and garnish with a lemon zest.  Note: Abuelo XV Oloroso Finished Rum also works well.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Key West Bike Week is in Full Swing

     Over the past few years, bike week here in Key West has been shrinking in its numbers of both people and bikes.  This year it is back with avengance, nearly ten thousand bikes lined the Duval Street and many of the side streets from Truman to Mallory Square.  The bike owners, the tourists got quit the show as they walked down Duval Street.  If it had anything to do with bikes, trikes or a myriad of hybrid machines.

     The Bikes started arriving on Thursday, by Saturday the streets and the town was filled with these beautiful creations.  Most of them hit the party scene last night on Duval Street, filling the bars and the streets.  It is always a really great party, but this year it was like it used to be back ten years ago.   If you missed it you missed a really fun event here in Key West.